Pr Mapon


Full name: MAPONGMETSEM Pierre Marie
Date and Place of Birth: January 25, 1961 in Melong I (Nkongsoung)
Actual position: Professor
Specialization: Agroforestery, Ethnobotany and Botany
Citizenship: Cameroonian
Marital status: Maried
Current address:
Laboratory of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundere, P.O.Box 454 Ngaoundere, Cameroon

Courriel:; Tél.: 237 677979796 / 660559898/697918456


28th March  2005-« Doctorat d’Etat » in Agroforestry, Univ. Yaoundé I – Cameroon.

25 th June 1994 -« Doctorat 3 ème Cycle » in Agroforestry, Univ. Yaoundé I – Cameroon

1988-DEA / Master in Plant Ecology, 1988, Univ. Yaoundé – Cameroon

1986- Bachelor in Botany, Univ. Yaoundé – Cameroon


2005 Doctorat d’Etat : ’’Phénologie et apport au sol des composes biogènes de la litière des fruitiers locaux dans les hautes savanes guinéennes du Cameroun. ‘’

1994 Doctorat 3th Cycle : ‘’Phénologie et propagation des essences à potentiel agroforestier en zone forestière du Cameroun’’.

Professional experiences

2008 to date: Head of the Laboratory of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development;   Rapporteur of the scientific committee of the Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundere-Cameroon

Teaching Duties

2015 to date: Professor

2006- 2015: Associate Professor of Botany and Agroforestry, University of Ngaoundere-Cameroon

1998-2005: Lecturer in Botany and Agroforestry, University of NgaoundereCameroon

1995-1997: Assistant in plant Biology

1989-1995: Research Fellow, World Agroforestry Centre, Yaounde-Cameroon.

Research interests

-Non timber forest products (medicinal plants, fruits, marketing, edible caterpillars, other insects);

-Tree domestication (phenology, reproductive biology, seed germination, air layering, stem and root cutting, grafting, suckering);

-Multistrata (actors and system characterization, architectural profile, soil fertility, typology, phytopratics); -Ecosystem functioning (litter production, litter decomposition, nutrients releasing, Carbone sequestration, modeling);

-Natural Resources / Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental education, Forest inventory, Surveys, Follow-up and Sensitisation, Sustainable development, Project design, evaluation and analysis, Protected area management. -Climate change, co2 sequestration.

-Biological/Organic agriculture

Scientific missions abroad

2010 – Research mission in Antananarivo – Madagascar : 19 th AETFAT (Association pour l’Etude de la taxonomie de la Flore de l’Afrique Tropicale) Congress.

2010 – Research mission in Benin : DADOBAT (Domestication and Development of Baobab and Tamarind) Congress :« Fruitiers locaux des zones sèches d’Afrique: domestication pour un usage dans un environnement en changement ». Centre CIEVRA, Allada – Bénin.

2008 – Research mission in Lilongwe – Malawi: ANAFE (African Network for Agriculture, Agroforestry & Natural Resources Education). Congress on Mainstreaming climate change in agriculture education.

2008 – Research mission in Abuja: Regional Workshop on the Consortium of the barcode of life, Abuja-Nigeria. 2006 – Research mission in Belgium : Cathololic University of Louvain (UCL) and Botanical Garden of Belgium.  2003 – Long research mission in the University of Jerusalem (Rehovot) on Sustainable Horticultural Crops Production Under Climatic constraints.

1999 – Research mission in Dakar – Senegal : la jachère en Afrique: contraintes et opportunités.

2000 – Long research mission in France and Cambodgia (ICRA: International Centre for Research in Agriculture oriented toward the development).

Supervision of students

I supervised young researchers and participated in many jurys:

at level  (Bachelor+1): 46 students
at graduate level (Master): 100 students.

At PhD level: 6 students


-more than 60 papers published in journals with referees;

-more than 50 communications and posters in national and international colloquiums;

-more than 30 reports.

Key words: Ecosystem functioning, Phytodiversity, plant systematic and diversity, population structure, Biomass, phenology and Tree domestication.

Ngaoundere the 03 th February 2017